Ridesharing is a flexible and convenient way to get you where you need to go to. You can share a ride as often as you want to. All you need is one or two other people to make it work.You can Rideshare with friends, co-workers, other parents taking the kids to school, an acquaintance from the gym, or you can contact the City of Johannesburg’s call-desk to find potential Rideshare partners.

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As part of the Integrated Transport Plan (ITP) approved by the City of Johannesburg Council, one of the approved projects is the development of a Travel Demand Management (TDM) programme. The objective of this programme is to reduce the total number of individual journeys taking place during the morning and evening peak periods, thus relieving some of the congestion during these peak periods. A specific TDM measure that has been identified is the promotion of rideshare groups (lift-clubs) in the Johannesburg/Gauteng area. All drivers must have passed their k53 learners test before being allowed to join the program..

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The website is linked to a Gauteng Street database, whereby interested participant can register with the City by providing street corner addresses of home and work and their contact details. Once registered, this website based programme will automatically match common home and work addresses together within a 1.5km radius. If a match is found the City’s helpdesk shall contact you and link participants together.